Cat Food – Humanized with fruits & vegetables

Cats are strict carnivores, which means they get their nutrition from meat and not plants. In the past several years cat food manufacturers have been adding fruits and vegetables into their recipes and marketing the foods to what humans think as healthy foods but are not healthy for cats. We may love them as family but we should not for their health feed them like family.
Below is a list of foods that have fruits and vegetables and should be avoided

Brand Product
Authority Chef’s Entrees
Blue Buffalo All Recipes
Castor & Pollux Organix
Fancy Feast Mornings
Elegant Medleys
Hill’s Ideal Balance
Iam’s Purrfect delights
Proactive Health
Purrfect delicacies
Innova All Recipes
Meow Mix Souffles
Nature’s Recipes All Recipes
Nature’s Variety Instinct All Recipes
Nulo All Recipes never heard of this best to stay away
Nutro Max-Cat All Recipes senior has veggies
Purina Pro Plan Savor
Simply Nourish All Recipes
Wellness All Recipes