Cat Sitting Policy

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Cat Sitting Policy

Minimum Visits: Kitty Care & More has a minimum of one (1) visit per day policy to ensure the health and well-being of the cats in our care.  Kitty Care & More cannot accept responsibility nor can be liable for injury and/or illness that results in death that could have been prevented with emergency care provided in a timely manner. Therefore, Kitty Care & More does not accept requests less than minimum number of visits.

Care: Kitty Care & More shall provide the following care to the above cat(s): a) feed & change water b) scoop/clean litterbox(es) c) play and/or other activities the cat wishes d) administer medications if needed e) groom if needed [grooming is limited to brushing and clipping nails]

Payments: Payment is due the day service begins and to be left for the Sitter. Kitty Care & More accepts cash and checks only. Return check fee is $25 plus bank fees.

Parent is expected to reimburse Kitty Care & More for the following but not limited to the following a) any supplies (food, litter etc) that run out b) alternative boarding c) snow removal d) visit due to no notification of return home.  An invoice with the additional costs listed will be sent to the Parent and is due upon receipt

Cancellation/Early Return

Cancellations may be made up to 48 hours prior to scheduled first visit.  Less than 48 hours, a cancellation fee of 25% of the total of reservation or equal to one visit, whichever is the greater, will be charged. Parent will be invoiced for the cancellation fee which will be due upon receipt.

Early Return No refunds or credits will be given for early returns.

Notification of Parent Return: Parent is required to text Sitter no later than TWELVE NOON the following day of scheduled return to inform Kitty Care & More that they have arrived safely to their cat(s). If no text is received Sitter will send a text if no reply Sitter will visit at additional cost to Parent.

Vaccinations: Cat(s) are to be current with Rabies and Distemper/Upper Respiratory Viruses vaccinations and a copy of the rabies certificate to be provided. If the Cat Sitter has been bitten or exposed to any disease or ailment received by a cat that has not been properly and currently vaccinated it will be the Parent’s responsibility to pay all costs and damages incurred by the Sitter.

Emergency Veterinary Care: Parent must make prior arrangements with their veterinarian to pay for any medical care deemed necessary in the event of a health emergency during regular practice hours. After hour emergencies, Kitty Care & More will have the emergency veterinary hospital contact Parent for payment information.  Kitty Care & More is released of all liabilities of transportation, treatment and expense.

Liability: Even though the utmost care will be given in watching both your cat(s) and home, due to the extreme unpredictability of animals, Kitty Care & More cannot accept responsibility for any mishaps of an extraordinary or unusual nature (i.e. biting, furniture damage, accidental death, etc.) or any complications with administering medications to the cat. Nor can Kitty Care & More be liable for injury, death, or fines for a cat that is known to escape the confinement of the home.

Property Access by Others: For safety of the Sitter, Parent is required to notify Kitty Care & More of any individual or company who will have access to the property during the sitting dates. Kitty Care & More accepts no liability for any breach in security or loss of or damage to Parent’s property or injury or death of cats or the cat escapes the home if any other person has access to property during the sitting dates.

Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather Kitty Care & More will use its best judgment in regarding the care of your cat(s). On days when the weather is severe enough to merit school closings and/or road closures and/or the Sitter deems it to be unsafe to drive, the scheduled visit is NOT guaranteed, although every effort will be safely made to reach your home once the roads are safe to travel. The Sitter will make necessary preparations to ensure that your cat(s) have enough water and food in case travel is too hazardous for a scheduled visit.  For cats that need medication, Kitty Care & More requires an emergency contact, preferably a neighbor, to administer the medication.  There is no refund or credit for any missed visits as a result of inclement weather.

Snow Removal: Kitty Care & More requires Parent to make prior arrangements with a snow plowing company for snow removal of the driveway and walkways. If Parent has not arranged for snow removal, Kitty Care & More will hire a snow plowing company at the Parent’s expense.