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Please reserve at least two weeks before assignment is to begin so that we can arrange a time to meet you and your cat(s).

Save the Dates (non-refundable deposit): A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking for the first assignment. We will  email you an invoice to pay the deposit. We accept  Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Amex. The amount paid will be credited towards the the first assignment. Please Note: Until the deposit is paid the dates requested are not guaranteed to be available.

Cat Sitting

We offer two types of visits for your cat(s).

Customary Care – 30 minute visits
(recommended for healthy adult cats)
• 1-2 cats      $22/visit
• 3+ cats       $26/visit

Extended Play Care – 60 minute visits
(recommended for kittens, geriatric, special needs, shy cats, or any cats that can benefit from a longer visit)
• 1-2 cats       $32/visit
• 3+ cats        $36/visit

Both types include:
• Feed/water
• Scoop/clean litter box(es)
• Activities
• Administer medication (if needed)

Please note: a minimum of one (1) visit per day is strongly recommended for the health and well-being of your cat(s). Therefore, Kitty Care & More does not accept requests less than the recommended number of visits.

Additional Care

  • Behavior Help                      $160 flat fee
  • Wellness Checks                  $22/30 min visit

Misc Home Care (Cat sitting only, included in visit fee)

  • Water plants
  • Collecting newspaper/mail
  • Fill bird and/or critter feeders