A Cat’s Vital Signs

Knowing what are normal vital signs can help you, the parent, notice if there is something wrong and you need to seek  veterinarian care.

Normal heart rate: 160 – 240 beats per minute

Respiration: 20 – 30 breaths per minute

Temperature: 101 – 102.5 F

Blood Pressure:

normal systolic vlaues range from 110 to 160 mmHg

normal diastolic values range 55 to 100 mmHg

How to check your cat’s vital signs

Pulse: There is an artery in your cat’s hind leg. Press your fingers (be sure not to use your thumb as you have a pulse in it) to this artery and count for 15 seconds and multiply by 4.

Respiration: Place your hand on your cat’s abdomen and count the number of breaths for 15 seconds and multiply by 4.

Temperature: Either use a rectal thermometer or a digital thermometer in the ear. When using rectal thermometer be sure to coat with Vaseline so that you don’t injure your cat.

Blood pressure is done at your veterinarian’s office.  Since cats are usually very stressed at the vets, they make take the blood pressure several times to get as an accurate bp as possible.