A breath of fresh air

As I drive around this summer I have seen sadly many lost cats signs. This should never happen. Cats should be kept indoors for their health and safety. Now if you do want to give your cat some fresh air there are options.


  1. Buy a stroller and take your cat for a walk.

    Culann stroller Lake Champlain

    my Culann at Lake Champlain

  2. Build a catio for your cat that has cat furniture and toys to play with.





  1. Talk your cat for a walk on a leash.

Yes, you can use a harness and leash on your cat and take him for a walk.

It does take time to teach your cat to walk with a leash but with patience you can succeed.

First buy a harness that would be comfortable for your cat. If you don’t think that the harnesses made for cats would be comfortable for your kitty try one made for a dog.


cat harness

cat harness

dog harness

dog harness


Next step would to get your cat used to wearing a harness and to do that is put it on for a few minutes a first and then increase the time. After your cat is used to the harness add a short rope to the harness and let him get the feel of that for a while. Once used to that you can replace the rope with the leash and then take your first steps out doors. Let your cat explore and get a feeling of the outdoors and eventually you’ll be able to lead your cat. Please be patient though and take your time with each step. Cats do not like to be rushed into new things but if done right you and your cat can enjoy a nice walk together.

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