Your cat is quietly lying on the couch or is giving himself a bath. Then suddenly his eyes bulge looks around quick, crouches and wiggles then takes off running around like he’s gone absolutely crazy then stops for a second crouches and takes off again.  He may even look like he’s attacking the other pets if they are close by.

Don’t panic, nothing is wrong with him, this is perfectly normal. Image result for cat crouching emoji

What is happening is that your cat, who is a predator, is releasing his hunting energy that has built up.  Cats live hopefully inside and don’t hunt as their food is given to them. That natural predatory energy builds up inside until it’s released in this frenzy behavior that looks like he’s lost his mind.  Don’t fret there is a solution and the answer is simple: play with your cat followed by food ( a treat or even a meal).  To play with your cat to release this energy in a more controlled way is to use a teaser. Be sure to let him catch the item on the teaser at times to help him feel he is accomplishing the hunt. Then give him some food  at the end of the play time, this will also make him feel like he has accomplished hunting his prey.  Ten to thirty minutes of play twice a day followed by food will satisfy your cat’s predatory nature and curb this sudden outburst of energy (and save furniture, objects on shelves and not pester the other pets).  If done right your cat may even be ready for a nap. There is hope though that as he gets older he will stop this behavior but then again ….

He is a cat Image result for cat smiley face emoji

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