Food and Hyperthyroidism

Just read in the latest Catnip (June 2013), a newsletter from Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, a possible connection between flavonoids and Hyperthyroidism.  To  quote “Research so far has found that flavonoids – plant proteins found in commercially available cat food – activate cultured feline thyroid cells as effectively as a cat’s normal thyroid-stimulating hormone. This suggests that flavonoids may interfere with normal thyroid function and be a contributing factor in development of feline hyperthyroidism”.

In the last Cat Watch (June 2013), a newsletter from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Feline Health Center, there was an article in it about treats.  In the Q&A with Dr. Wakshlag, an Associate Professor of Nutrition at Cornell, there was a question “Is it okay to give cats vegetables if they will eat them?” he answered “Cats will eat them sometimes. You can give them 2 ounces or 60 grams, and they get 20 calories. Cut the size of kibble and put it in the bowl. For whatever reason cats like zucchini.”  Then the questions go on about steaming vegetables or not.  He also stated that’s okay to give a little bit of apple to a cat.

The answer should have been NO since cats are strict carnivores. The article in Catnip cited above is another reason not to feed your cat fruits and vegetables.

When feeding your cat just remember they are carnivores and feed accordingly. You maybe preventing serious illnesses in their senior years.

Feeding Guidelines

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