From Ayer Animal Medical Center


Just an update for our clients, we have had a second case of heartworm in a dog who did not travel out of our local area. This means that there are alot more cases out there, enough to infect the local mosquito population and cause spread of heartworm. Warmer weather is coming and more mosquitoes along with it. If your dog or cat is not on heartworm prevention they are at risk to be infected with this deadly disease. Both dogs and cats can get infected. It is so easy to prevent and so hard and expensive to treat. Treament is virtually impossible in cats. Treatment in dogs can run from $700 – 1,000 depending on the size of the dog. Please get your pets tested ASAP for heartworm and start them on prevention. Heartworm prevention (Heartgard, Iverheart, Proheart, Trifexis etc) are all prescription products and require a veterinary prescription before they can be sold. Prevention costs pennies per day, typically $6-10 per month. It is much less expensive than treatment.

On another topic, there was a rabid racoon in Arlington about 1 week ago. It attacked 2 children in their own yards. The state public health department has asked us to remind our clients that all pets are required to have rabies vaccines. Please make sure your pet is vaccinated. Also never approach a wild animal, they could be rabid. Please teach your children the same.

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