Fruits and Vegetables In Cat Food

I find it more and more disturbing to see more cat food manufacturers adding fruits and vegetables to the food. I can’t even watch the commercials it just that disturbing to me. Cats are obligate carnivores; which means that cats are strict carnivores that rely on nutrients in animal tissue to meet their specific nutritional requirements. In their natural habitat, cats are hunters that consume prey high in protein with moderate amounts of fat and minimal amounts of carbohydrates.

Cats aren’t made for eating plants. You will never see a cat raid Mr. McGregor’s garden and the only cat that eats lasagna is a cartoon. The evidence is right in your cat’s mouth. They have teeth made for tearing flesh not grinding plant material.

You ask then why do manufacturers add fruits and vegetables to the cat food? They are cheap proteins and fillers so they don’t have to add much meat to the product. Then they market the food to humans as to what we think of as healthy eating and charge more for the product.

What harm can fruits and vegetables do? Well eating foods that you can’t digest could and probably after a long period cause irritation in the digestive tract and may cause IBS. I have seen this happen in a client’s cat. So by feeding food that is not appropriate for cats can cause pain both in your cat’s tummy and in your wallet when your vet bills go up.

So what to do? It is simple READ THE LABELS. Any hint of fruits and vegetables don’t buy. We the consumers can get the manufacturers to stop adding ingredients that cats don’t need if we stop buying it. Be your cat’s voice and demand the best for your cat by buying cat appropriate food.

For a list of inappropriate foods   (note: This list is a work in progress. Not all brands are listed)

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