New option for Hyperthyroidism

Recently Culann has been diagnosed with a hyperthyroid. Treatments for this have been medication called Tapazole given as a pill or a topical gel twice day for life, surgery to remove the thyroid gland, or radioactive iodine which usually administered in one dose and kills the cells, which is very expensive.  Now there is fourth treatment for hyperthyroid, a prescription food by Hill’s. This food is low in iodine and therefore starves the thyroid of iodine and decreases the production of the T4 hormone.  It has worked on Culann, after he was weaned on to the food and was exclusively on the food for one whole week he was tested and his T4 level was normal.   However, yes it works with the low iodine but there is a tradeoff here.  This food is low protein and very high in carbs.  I don’t understand why Hill’s didn’t create a recipe that was more appropriate for a cat.  The dry food has no meat at all just filler so I only feed Culann 2 teaspoons after his canned food in place of the dental food.  Though I think the kibble is way too small and Culann likes the crunch of his old dry food and has a hard time eating it.  The canned food is pork liver, pork by-products and chicken, which on the website doesn’t say pork just liver and meat by-product. That is odd in itself when on the can it says pork. But what is really bad is that it has corn.  Why does it need corn?   Is my question.  It’s just a filler and no real nutritional value for a cat as they are strict carnivores.  It certainly doesn’t make the food cheaper.

I’ve attached the information on both the dry and canned of Hill’s Prescription Diet y/d for you to review.



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