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Cat Sitting

We offer two types of visits for your cat(s).

Customary Care – 30 minute visits
(recommended for healthy adult cats)
• 1-2 cats      $22/visit
• 3+ cats       $26/visit

Extended Play Care – 60 minute visits
(recommended for kittens, geriatric, special needs, or shy cats)
• 1-2 cats       $32/visit
• 3+ cats        $36/visit

Both types include:
• Feed/water
• Scoop/clean litter box(es)
• Activities
• Administer medication (if needed)

Please note: a minimum of one (1) visit per day is strongly recommended for the health and well-being of your cat(s). Therefore, Kitty Care & More does not accept requests less than the recommended number of visits.

New clients please reserve at least two weeks before sitting is to begin so that we can arrange a time to meet you and your cat(s).

Additional Care

  • Behavior Help                      $160 flat fee
  • Wellness Checks                  $22/30 min visit

Misc Home Care (Cat sitting only, included in visit fee)

  • Water plants
  • Collecting newspaper/mail
  • Fill bird and/or critter feeders