Cats are Carnivores

CATS ARE OBLIGATE CARNIVORES!  Meaning they eat meat. So in choosing a food for your cat look at the ingredients and meat should be listed first.  Do your homework when choosing food. Manufacturers will put cheap proteins such as corn in their recipes.  Keep away!!!!

Canned food

Canned food is mostly meat and smells better to cats than dry. Pate is best if your cat has a sensitive stomach as foods with gravy may upset your cat’s stomach. These foods contain wheat gluten and are a cause of some food allergies. Some manufacturers are now adding vegetables and fruits to their recipes. It’s best to choose a food that had none of these listed. These recipes are designed to be attractive to humans so keep away them.

Important canned food should be heated. General rule is mouse temperature (36.9c/98.4f). For food from a just opened can 10 seconds in the microwave and 15 seconds for refrigerated food.

Dry food

Dry food is usually packed with corn and has a lot of calories and is probably not the best choice for meals but as a snack or used in toys it’s great.

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