Fire Safety

Fire!! Are you prepared? What about your cat?

It’s very important to include your pets in emergency evacuation in case of a fire.

What to do when there’s a fire?

First try and stay calm. Your anxiety and fear can add to the cat’s anxiety and fear. Grab a pillow case and put your cat in it. The pillow case will protect your cat from smoke and help to calm her. Or you can put your cat in a carrier, and put a towel or blanket over it if the carrier is easily accessible.

Be sure to put stickers on the doors to let fire personnel know that there is a cat inside in case you are not home. You can get free stickers from the ASPCA.

Cats will panic and hide if they hear the fire alarm or smoke detector. So it’s important to do fire drills. Test the fire detector and practice putting your cat in a pillow case or carrier and taking her out of the house.

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